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Week 3 Monday Takeaways

Let’s jump right in!

Bears: 30

Falcons: 26

Most memorable: 

Falcon’s blowing their second 15 point lead in the 4th quarter. HOW? Is there a team better at blowing leads than the Falcons? Honestly, the fact Dan Quinn didn’t get left at the airport is shocking. I know it was a home game for the Falcons but they should have driven him to the airport just to leave him there. *Arthur Blank holds Uber door Open* “Right this way Dan, I got you a ride” 

Rest of Season Watch: 

Big Dick Nick! You don’t have to look too close because BDN came out swinging.. I mean slinging it. 3 TDs and a 16/29. The Bears now can’t go back to Mitch so look for BDN to be the starter moving forward. Mitch was the leading rusher this game… so maybe we see him in that capacity.

Rams: 32

Bills: 35

Most memorable: 

Josh Allen is good. Not yet great, but each season, and each week he seems to make strides and put his team in a good position. The Bills have a nasty D and if Josh can eliminate some of his panic plays this team can win the AFC East and contend. 

On the other side of the ball the Rams may have lost the game (and maybe should have won…) however; if there is ever a statement loss this was it. The Rams are looking more like the team from their SB run, than the team from last year. Goff is back, and Aaron Darnold is possibly the best player in the game.

Rest of Season:

Can both QBs sustain, or improve their level of play? Goff lost the trust of a lot of people last year, while Josh Allen still has a lot of haters to prove wrong. We need to see both QBs sustain this level of play to believe.

Washington FOOTBALL TEAM: 20

Browns: 34

Most memorable: 

The Browns have a winning record for the first time since 2014! (yikes). Who cares who it was against, or how they got here. They are winners, and for the Browns, this season is already a success. Chubb and Hunt are the best backfield in football, and the Browns have an identity they can build around. OHH and OBJ showed a little maturity saying his stats can suffer a bit for the good of the team. Browns probably shouldn’t let him suffer too many weeks though…

Dwayne Haskins doesn’t look bad. In his second year he is making steps, and has a chance to be a good starter in the NFL. We will see how he grows this year, but Washington may have their guy. 

Rest of Season:

With an established identity we will see how Baker Mayfield does rest of season, if he doesn’t start to step it up Browns will need to find a new QB because this is the biggest weakness of their team right now. Could there be a more perfect QB for the Browns than Jameis next year?? 

Titans 31:

Vikings 30:

Most memorable: 

Stefon Who? What are we Digging? We are Digging Justin Jefferson. Jefferson is for real. 175 yards in his 3rd game will make the Vikings forget all about Diggs. 

The stars performed in this game. Henry and Cook feasted, however the defenses were both suspect. 

Cousins threw 2 INTS and Tannehill threw 1 but no TDs. 

Rest of Season:

Honestly, no clue what to think of these teams after this game. Vikings are missing the playoffs, and don’t have a defense to compete, and the Titan’s need to continue to work Henry and grind games out.

Raiders 20

Pats 36

Most memorable: 

Could this have been a more Bill Belichek game? Rex Burkhead goes off? Sony Michel plays like a first rounder for the first time in 3 years? The Pats have no offense threats but manage to have a couple of guys go off each week. NEVER bet against BB the week after a loss.

Rest of Season:

Don’t sleep on the Raiders. Carr is playing better than most people realize, and they have the best O-line in the league allowing Jacobs to make hay.

I think the Bills win the AFC East, however the Pats will continue to find ways to win and make it tough for them. How? I have no clue but BB knows how.

49ers: 36

Giants: 9

Most memorable: 

Despite the 49ers missing QB1, RB1, RB2, TE1, TE2, WR1, CB1, CB2, CB4, DE1, DE3, DE4, DE5, LB2, WR4, WR5, and C1, they’ve scored 30 points two weeks in a row.

^ from Reddit via u/DavidddddEO

Jesus, the Giants suck to lose to that.

Rest of Season:

Look for the Giants to continue to suck. 

As the 49ers get healthy, look for them to end the season strong. This shows how good the depth is on that team.

Bengals: 23

Eagles: 23

Most memorable: 

For a guy who won the Super Bowl in 2018 relying on analytics, Doug Pederson really dropped the ball here. Statistics show that their odds decreased over 9 pts by punting it. (Edjsports)

Why would you not at least attempt a 64 yard field goal? Or go for it on 4th at least? There are few decisions egregious enough to warrant being fired, especially for a SB winning coach. But playing to tie is one. I’d rather have my team lose.

Rest of Season:

Jose Donkey is good. I expect both teams to suck as the year continues, but could see the Bengals start to make strides as Joe Burrow continues to improve.

Texans: 21

Steelers: 28

Most memorable: 

Do the Steelers ever change? Well balanced attack with Big Ben and Connor, while their Defense continues to play well.

I could copy and paste this sentence for the last 50 years, and probably the next 50.

I expect the Texans to take the next step every year, but BoB is holding this team back. I feel bad for Deshaun Watson as BoB wastes his career.

Rest of Season:

Steelers will continue to Steeler and BoB will continue to BoB. 

Bucs: 28

Broncos: 10

Most memorable: 

Tom Brady is incredible. 6 receivers had more than 20 yards. Including Gronk (you love to see it). This did NOT include Mike Evans. Spread the love, Tom. Imagine if Tom had even half these weapons in NE.

Meanwhile John Elway is looking for his next 6’5″ QB as the Broncos wont be going anywhere with Lock hurt.

Rest of Season:

Week 1 was rough for TB12, however he is back to looking like the TB12 of old. Spreading the ball around and dominating games. The Bucs D should also get a shout out. Last year they were a very underrated D as Jamies threw 2-3 picks a game and they were out there at all time, however, now with Tom, they can get some rest and play their game.

Lions: 26

Cards: 23

Most memorable: 

Is Kyler Murray mortal? After a start where people were starting to whisper MVP and say he was over taking Lamar, Kyler showed he is not perfect. DeAndre Hopkins continues to be a monster for AZ.

Matt Stafford continues to air it out and put up numbers with 3 receivers over 50 yards and another 2 over 20. 

Rest of Season:

I predicted the Lions to win their division, however they have proved to be the same old Lions by losing with bad luck and squeaking out wins. They will probably finish 7-10.

Cards will bounce back and Kyler will get back on track. He is still showing signs of growth in his 2nd year, and should continue to improve.

Cowboys: 31

Seahawks: 38

Most memorable: 

Bet the Seahawks over every week. The Seahawks defense is TERRIBLE. They have given up 65 plays of over 10 yards this year. With no pass rush and no CBs, they are very easy to throw on and move the ball. 

But guess who they do have. The best QB in the league. You can keep Lamar and Mahomes. Give me Russ. 5 TDS no INTs. If you put Danny Dimes, Darnold, Watson, or just about any other QB on this team it is a 2 win team.

Rest of Season:

Keep watching Russ cook. This is his year to win the MVP.

The Cowboys are the shitty version of the Seahawks, lucky for them their division is terrible.

Packers: 37

Saints: 30

Most memorable: 

Packers should draft a QB in the first round every year. This is the Aaron Rodgers f*ck you tour. As strong as Rodgers looks, Brees looks the opposite.  If the ball is being thrown more than 5 yards down field Brees’ noodle arm can’t make the throw.

Rest of Season:

Can Brees survive? Will we see Jameis? Brees knows the throws to make, just can’t make them, and if his arm gives out we could have a Hill vs Jameis battle? 

Look for Rodgers to continue to dominate, win the division, lose in the playoffs than throw the whole organization under the bus.


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