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NFL 2020 Futures Preview

NFL 2020 Futures Preview

It doesn’t matter if your team sucks, your fantasy team sucks, and your backup fantasy team sucks, the easiest way to keep the NFL season exciting is to bet some futures.

The wrinkle this year…well we can’t just pick one! There will be two additional teams in the playoffs, three wildcard teams in each conference, little to no home field advantage, and the possibility of the season being shut down at any moment. Even writing that seems impossible, but hey, look at the NBA. Ohhhh, and no preseason games, very short training camps, teams only meeting via Zoom, and nearly 1/6th of the teams have a new head coach…a lot of unknown

All of this adds up to a potentially wild season to date! Buckle up as we try to navigate this season and pick divisional winners, NFC and AFC winners, and crown the champs.

AFC East

Last Year’s winner:  Patriots


Team American Fractional
Buffalo Bills -125 4/5
New England Patriots +180 9/5
New York Jets +1000 10/1
Miami Dolphins +1000 10/1


The Pick: Patriots +180

Reason: This is strictly a value pick. Far too often people bet against Belichick only to be proven wrong. If Cam Newton can be 80% of where he was his MVP season, this Patriots offense could cause a lot of issues for defenses. You know that the Patriots will find a creative way to take advantage of Cam’s athleticism. 

Between trades, free agency and opt-outs, they lost a lot on defense, but still have an outstanding secondary that will set the tone for the D.

I just don’t have the same faith in the Bills. Yes, they have a good D. Yes, they got Stefon Diggs, but I think Josh Allen is just as likely to take a step forward as he is backwards. Give me a reason to bet on you before I start.

AFC West

Last Year’s Winner: Chiefs


Team American Fractional
Kansas City Chiefs -400 1/4
Los Angeles Chargers +700 7/1
Denver Broncos +1000 10/1
Las Vegas Raiders +1200 12/1


The Pick: Chiefs

Reason: The Chiefs looked primed to run it back. 20/22 starters returning. Mahomes is the best QB in the league. And who will beat them? Half the QBs in this division are 1st or 2nd year players, and the other one is Derek Carr. This might be the easiest Division to pick.

AFC North

Last Year’s Winner: Ravens


Team American Fractional
Baltimore Ravens -180 5/9
Pittsburgh Steelers +300 3/1
Cleveland Browns +550 11/2
Cincinnati Bengals +2000 20/1


The Pick: Ravens

Reason: The Ravens and Steelers have 2 of the easiest strengths of schedules in the NFL. I like the Steelers to make the playoffs, and they have an outside chance of winning the division, but the only thing that can stop Lamar Jackson is an injury. I look for them to comeback with a vengeance after last year’s playoff loss. Getting rid of Earl Thomas also helps. 

AFC South

Last Year’s Winner: Texans

The Odds:

Team American Fractional
Indianapolis Colts +110 11/10
Tennessee Titans +180 9/5
Houston Texans +350 7/2
Jacksonville Jaguars +2500 25/1


The Pick: The Colts

Reason: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Colts this year. The Colts started the year 5-2 behind Jacoby Brissett. This year Phillip Rivers comes in and gives them a legitimate chance late in games where they lost 6 games by one score last year. Even winning half of those games puts them in a great position to win this division.  They also might have the best O-line in football.

NFC East:

Last Year’s not loser: Eagles 

The Odds:

Team American Fractional
Dallas Cowboys -175 4/7
Philadelphia Eagles +200 2/1
New York Giants +1200 12/1
Washington Football Team +2000 20/1


The Pick: Cowboys

The Reason: This division sucked last year. No team wanted to win it, and no team made a significant FA acquisition. However, off the field, the Cowboys added a SB winning coach. They have tremendous talent on the field, which hopefully now can be maximized. I love QB’s in a contract dispute who are willing to go out there and prove their worth. Expect a lot out of this team after last year’s let down. Don’t write out Danny Dimes, Saquon and Joe Judge… but safer bet is the Cowboys.

NFC West

Last Year’s Winner: 49ers

The Odds:

Team American Fractional
San Francisco 49ers -110 10/11
Seattle Seahawks +220 11/5
Los Angeles Rams +600 6/1
Arizona Cardinals +800 8/1


The Pick: Rams

The Reason: This is the best division in football, and I think any team can win it. I am least bullish on the 49ers because I believe in the SB hangover, and don’t think this team can come back from that, and compete in this division and win it again. Rams are in win now mode, and have a very short window. 

With that said, if you want some great long odds, the Cardinals are looking like a snack this year, and could be the surprise team in the NFL.

NFC North

Last Year’s Winner: Packers

The Odds: 

Team American Fractional
Green Bay Packers +200 2/1
Minnesota Vikings +150 3/2
Chicago Bears +450 9/2
Detroit Lions +450 9/2


The Pick: Lions

The Reason: I like to be hurt? Every year I think the Lions have what it takes. Good weapons at WR, bringing in a new RB, defense looks like it could take the next step forward, but nothing seems to change. I think this could be Stafford’s last year to make a push, and I have no faith in the rest of the division. 

Aaron Rodgers’ delicate ego got hurt during the draft. Vikings lost Diggs, and Cousins is serviceable at best, meanwhile the Bears are praying that Mitch takes a massive step forward. 

NFC South

Last Year’s Winner: Saints

The Odds:

Team American Fractional
New Orleans Saints -140 5/7
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +160 8/5
Atlanta Falcons +1000 10/1
Carolina Panthers +3000 30/1


The Pick: Falcons

The Reason: Side note, going through this I realize how much more fun the NFC is going to be this year.

The Falcons went 6-2 during the last 8 games of the season and really found their groove and throw in Todd Gurley. Drew Brees is one of my candidates for old QBs to regress, and this is also a tough division with the Bucc’s being legit contenders.  This is again more of a value pick, but if the Falcons continue to play well, and a few things break in their favor, they could win this division.

NFC Champs:

Last Year: 49ers

The odds:

Team American Fractional
San Francisco 49ers +500 5/1
New Orleans Saints +500 5/1
Dallas Cowboys +600 6/1
Seattle Seahawks +600 6/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +600 6/1
Philadelphia Eagles +1200 12/1
Minnesota Vikings +1200 12/1
Green Bay Packers +1500 15/1
Los Angeles Rams +2500 25/1


The Winner: Cowboys

The Reason: The Cowboys have a ton of offensive firepower, and a defense that can get into the top 10 this year. Dak is in prove it mode, and CeeDee Lamb could come in and be the best WR on that team. They have an easy division so could get a 1st round bye as well, and position themselves nicely for a playoff run. 

Look for the Seahawks and the Rams to possibly win this conference as well.


Last Year’s Winner: Chiefs

The Odds:

Team American Fractional
Kansas City Chiefs +200 2/1
Baltimore Ravens +250 5/2
Pittsburgh Steelers +1200 12/1
Indianapolis Colts +1200 12/1
Buffalo Bills +1500 15/1
Las Vegas Raiders +2000 20/1
New England Patriots +2000 20/1
Tennessee Titans +2000 20/1

The Pick: Chiefs

The Reason: They are going to run it back. I don’t see anything stopping this team or Mahomes. They have a great defense, and a juggernaut of an offense. 

The Super Bowl:

  • Chiefs: +450
  • Ravens: +550
  • 49ers: +1000
  • Saints: +1200
  • Seahawks: +1200
  • Cowboys: +1200
  • Buccaneers: +1200
  • Steelers: +2500
  • Eagles: +2500
  • Colts: +2500


I know it’s lame, but I have to go Chiefs. I really don’t see anything stopping them. Seahawks, Cowboys, and Bucs at +1200 are nice values as well.

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