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CoverClub Announces New Platform to Socialize Online Sports Betting

Using a club method, CoverClub allows friends to join clubs and participate in online betting, which works to add more social elements to online sports betting. 

Austin, TX – September 29th — In order to make sports betting a more social experience, CoverClub has launched its platform that allows sports fans to create online clubs, in which they can pool cash together, and take turns placing bets on behalf of the group.

This concept is already popular overseas, and now it’s officially live here in the United States. The process is simple: You create a club, pool your cash and make picks for the club, then share your earnings. 

“Sports by its nature is a very social activity, whether you are watching or playing. One thing that’s missing from the online sports betting space, is the ability to get your friends involved in the process,” said Luke Slater, Co-Founder of CoverClub. “This experience is taking sports betting from a solitary experience into one where you can incorporate your fellow fans into the fold.”

Bets are placed outside of the CoverClub platform and through your sportsbook. Each week all members send their buy-in to this week’s bettor. After the week is over, winnings are sent to the club president. 

You can learn more about CoverClub by visiting covertheclub.com

About CoverClub

CoverClub was started by fellow sports gamblers. The co-founders, TJ, Luke, Dan, and Brian were out together to enjoy college football, but all found they were watching different games with different betting interests at stake. For the next slot of games, they decided to pool our money, and all bet for the same outcome, on the same two games, and CoverClub was born. They found we had a lot more fun betting together, cheering together, and winning together.

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