What is a betting club?

A betting style where members contribute a fixed amount each week, take turns betting on behalf of the club and share the winnings.

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Why would I create a club?

More Bets, More Often: A vested interest every night
Win Bigger: Pool your funds and bet large
Cheer Together: With your club, every game is a big game

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How it Works

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Create a club and invite your friends to get started

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Manage and Share

Bet for your club & share your picks

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Use your winnings to celebrate with your club

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Partnerships and Affiliates

We are looking to partner with like-minded companies in this space! Please reach out if you are interested admin@covertheclub.com

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Our Story

Cover The Club was started by fellow sports gamblers. The co-founders, TJ, Luke, Dan, and Brian were out together to enjoy college football, but all found we were watching different games with different betting interests at stake.

For the next slot of games, we decided to pool our money, and all bet for the same outcome, on the same two games, and CoverClub was born. We found we had a lot more fun betting together, cheering together, and winning together.

We decided to set some ground rules, invite a few more friends to join, and quickly had more people in the club than we anticipated.

However, we had to manually manage the money, track winnings and had multiple chats running across different apps. We decide there had to be a better way, and set out to create a platform to manage our club and to share our idea with others.

We sincerely hope you and your friends enjoy the CoverClub concept, win big, and celebrate together!

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frequently asked questions

Your Club President has the ability to invite anyone from within the club settings page

The Club President will set the weekly buy-in amount and the length of the season. The Club President can update this at any time by clicking “Edit Club Settings” on the Club’s home page

The club president has the ability to amend the order of the bettors

You can place your bets with the sportsbook of your choice.

It’s up to you! The Club President can manage the funds or you can nominate a treasurer to handle that.

Please email admin@covertheclub.com and we will retrieve it for you!

The club president starts the club and sets the terms of the club. Similar to the commissioner in fantasy football.